I made an aliexpress banner

view my banner
(from AliExpress Android)

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I made an aliexpress banner

view my banner
(from AliExpress Android)

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Hello December


Take a minute to think about the faithfulness of God….Am glad we all made it to December.

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Take chances while you still can.

Take chances….tell the truth…learn to say No. Spend money on the things you love. Laugh till your stomach hurts….dance even if you too are bad at it.  Pose stupidly for the photos. Be child-like…. Morals: death is not the greatest loss of life……Loss is when life dies inside you, while you are still alive. Celebrate life while you still can. Life is too short.
I am so happy its the end of the year and I made it. And am glad we all made it. HAPPY DECEMBER

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The Role Of Money In every relationship.

What is the role of money in relationships? Well, it goes without saying that money can sometimes break relationships easily.

All of us love in a material world here food clothing shelter and some luxuries are necessary to live a life.

Does Money Really Matter?
In such a place, when one is deprived of the basic necessities for too long then would it still be a pleasure to continue in that relationship hoping that one day things would change?

Well, it is tough to answer such questions as all of us value love more than money. But when life throws some of the worst problems at us, it would be difficult to stick to such promises which lead us to hunger.

Marrying For Wealth Or Love: Which Is More Important
So, the importance of money in relationships can’t be ruled out. At the same time, it is not wise to believe that money can buy you good relationships.

The Role Of Money In relationships And Marriage
The Role Of Money In Relationships
Poverty Isn’t A Pleasure
Though there is lot of love between the partners in the relationship, if there is no money to buy daily bread, then things can’t be harmonious in the relationship for too long. Very rarely do couples stick to each other when such problems arise. Nobody can choose to live in poverty for long. So, one of the partners may choose to walk away if the conditions are not changing for the better.

Financial Problems Cause Frustration
When there are ups and downs, we all tend to get frustrated and it is quite natural. But when one has to go through financial issues for too long, the frustration levels would reach peaks and that is when one would take drastic steps. For example, when the husband is totally broke and has to live on the wife’s money, he might gradually drill a hole in her purse too. In that case, the relationship may have very less chances of survival.

The Role Of Money In Relationships
Luxuries Can Console
It is a fact that we all love luxuries. Love can’t buy us bread. When you are well-to-do, you can at least console that you will find your love sooner or later but when you are homeless, it is difficult to really console yourself. Hunger can wreck havoc.

But…..Money Isn’t Everything
Though money can break relationships, it is a fact that money isn’t everything as it can’t buy love. So, a balance of both should be there in life. Financial security is important in relationships. Without security, it is difficult to maintain a relationship for too long.

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This is what social media

Seriously? Do you WANT to be single forever? Then quit making a fool of yourself online.
Did you ever have a great first date and then wonder why she doesn’t respond to your messages for a second date? Did your friends ever introduce you to a guy, only for him to cancel your first date last minute, and wonder why?

I have two words for you: social media.
Let’s be fair, ladies and gentlemen. Let the one who never posted a drunken Friday night pub photo, or a stupid bunny loves puppy video, cast the first stone. I certainly won’t be doing any casting here. Guilty as charged; Done and done.

But then again, I am not looking for love. If you are, you may wish to rethink your social media footprint.

If you’re self-absorbed and craving compliments from online friends, don’t expect him to call.

My friend Greg recently cancelled a would-be first date with someone he thought was the girl of his dreams. She was a blind date, introduced by a friend. The only thing he knew was her first name and the photo his friend showed him.

He was super excited and the girl was a promising total package. She had a gorgeous face, a knock-out body, a successful career, and was looking for a serious relationship. Sounded perfect, until he found her Facebook page (which was not difficult).

Even though her last name was not listed, they shared a mutual friend and armed with only her first name, it took him only a minute to locate her profile. The first thing he saw was her post that she visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Great, an art lover! He was, too.

He did not know her enough to send a friend request, but could not help opening her page again a few hours later. There she was, making duck faces in front of a random work of art. No credit to the artist, no acknowledgement of the statue at all—just her duck-faced selfie and numerous obligatory remarks from her friends about how fabulous she looked.

This went on for hours. There she was in the Egyptian Gallery looking gorgeous. There she was by the impressionists, stunning. By the time her duck-lipped selfies hit the Greco-Roman gallery, people admired everything from her hair, to her shoes and makeup. (She did simultaneously tweet her “art excursion” as well.)

We don’t know which work of art affected her most or in which gallery she spent most of her time; none of that was posted. Greg promptly texted her with some lame excuse about being away on business and never got in touch with her again.

Greg did not have the guts to tell her what he told me: he couldn’t possibly imagine a life with a self-absorbed, compliment-craving creature who spends the day at one of the greatest Museums on earth and finds nothing to admire but herself.

Just important to note: sharing your closed-minded opinions online will also NEVER get you that second date.

Similarly, one of my clients, Julie, cancelled a second date with Jim after their first date was nothing but lovely. They had a wonderful dinner, they flirted, and they kissed. It wasn’t until Jim friended Julie on Facebook that she decided she did not want to see him again.

Jim had some very firm political beliefs, but that was not a problem. Both his Facebook and Twitter pages were full of violent arguments with people he did not even know who had opposing political views. Julie decided she could not put up with someone who picks fights with random people over opinions.

Remember, your online persona hides who you really are.

So what does your social media footprint look like? Have you ever considered how it looks to your potential love interests? It is one thing to share a raunchy joke with an old buddy who appreciates your sense of humor since the third grade. The same joke, however, may seem raunchy and vile to a girl you just met, nor would you tell it to her in person because you know better.

Guess what? That same girl is now reading it, and it’s just as repulsive to her in print as it’d be if you’re stupid enough to tell it on a first date.

Likewise, ladies, if you’re frugal and thrifty and never live above your means, if your every other Instagram photo is from either Sacks or Bergdorf Goodman, even the most financially secure gentleman will think twice before starting a relationship that may eventually take him to the poorhouse.

So, if you are serious about finding love and starting a serious relationship, please review your social media profiles. What do they say about you? Do they agree that you are a healthy, well-rounded individual who is ready for love, or do they portray a self-absorbed, shallow creature that thrives in the make-believe worlds of their own making?

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‘Are you mom enough?’ cover story, which charted the rise of attachment parenting

Word that a new study has found that children who were breast-fed for longer ended up smarter and richer will be welcome among one group of mothers in particular, those who practice the “attachment parenting” style that supports a longer-than-average time before weaning. (The study looked at babies who were breast-fed for at least a year, versus those who did for less than a month; some attachment-parenting adherents breast-feed their children for far longer.)

Those mothers — and the man who introduced the world to attachment parenting, Dr. Bill Sears — were the subject of a 2012 TIME story which, controversially, ran with a cover image of real-life mom Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her 3-year-old son. And, as the story explained, even as some criticized Sears and his ideas, at least one of his pieces of advice seemed to be permeating society: breast-feeding was more common than it had been in decades.

As TIME’s Kate Pickert put it:

Fans and critics of attachment parenting can agree on two things: there has been a sea change in American child rearing over the past 20 years, and no one has been a more enthusiastic cheerleader for it than Sears. Slings and carriers, like the kind Sears sells on his website AskDrSears.com, are now on every list of must-have baby gear. Breast-feeding is more popular than at any other time since the baby-formula boom of the 1950s. And despite public-health warnings against it, in 2005, according to the CDC, 19% of 2-month-old babies slept in beds with their mothers, a phenomenon almost unheard of 20 years ago.
“So many of the ideas of attachment parenting are in the culture even if you don’t believe in Dr. Sears per se,” says Pamela Druckerman, author of Bringing Up Bébé, a new book on French parenting, which Druckerman says demands far less of mothers than its American counterpart. “This is a new common sense.”
According to a 2014 CDC report, about a quarter of U.S. babies were still breastfeeding (though not necessarily exclusively) at 1 year.

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