The Role Of Money In every relationship.

What is the role of money in relationships? Well, it goes without saying that money can sometimes break relationships easily.

All of us love in a material world here food clothing shelter and some luxuries are necessary to live a life.

Does Money Really Matter?
In such a place, when one is deprived of the basic necessities for too long then would it still be a pleasure to continue in that relationship hoping that one day things would change?

Well, it is tough to answer such questions as all of us value love more than money. But when life throws some of the worst problems at us, it would be difficult to stick to such promises which lead us to hunger.

Marrying For Wealth Or Love: Which Is More Important
So, the importance of money in relationships can’t be ruled out. At the same time, it is not wise to believe that money can buy you good relationships.

The Role Of Money In relationships And Marriage
The Role Of Money In Relationships
Poverty Isn’t A Pleasure
Though there is lot of love between the partners in the relationship, if there is no money to buy daily bread, then things can’t be harmonious in the relationship for too long. Very rarely do couples stick to each other when such problems arise. Nobody can choose to live in poverty for long. So, one of the partners may choose to walk away if the conditions are not changing for the better.

Financial Problems Cause Frustration
When there are ups and downs, we all tend to get frustrated and it is quite natural. But when one has to go through financial issues for too long, the frustration levels would reach peaks and that is when one would take drastic steps. For example, when the husband is totally broke and has to live on the wife’s money, he might gradually drill a hole in her purse too. In that case, the relationship may have very less chances of survival.

The Role Of Money In Relationships
Luxuries Can Console
It is a fact that we all love luxuries. Love can’t buy us bread. When you are well-to-do, you can at least console that you will find your love sooner or later but when you are homeless, it is difficult to really console yourself. Hunger can wreck havoc.

But…..Money Isn’t Everything
Though money can break relationships, it is a fact that money isn’t everything as it can’t buy love. So, a balance of both should be there in life. Financial security is important in relationships. Without security, it is difficult to maintain a relationship for too long.

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